Mabel Fahey to Davison, c. March 1918

Mabel Fahey to Davison, c. March 1918
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  • It may be inferred that this letter was written by Mabel Fahey to someone who she thanks greatly for aiding her husband with food packages and clothing who was fighting at war against Germany. It is evident that the letter was sent from Westbourne, London, Britain, w10, which can be inferred to be Mabel Fahey’s address. This letter tells us that essential amenities like clothing and food were incredibly scarce and thus a luxury for the soldiers. This suggests that Mabel Fahey’s husband can be seen as very lucky, although he was fighting in world war one. She can evidently be perceived as very passionate about her husband’s wellbeing and also very grateful and kind towards the benefactor of her husband’s luxury, Davidson. To conclude it is a very reliable source as it is first hand because it is a letter.

    By Emily Surminski (01/07/2015)
  • It may be inferred that this a letter from a hopeful wife to the government concerning the well-being of her husband who was fighting in the war but also to thank them for their generous donations of clothing and parcels. It is very interesting to see the letters of these people who experienced the first world war as it allows us a greater insight in to the lives of those who are not alive today. It is very important to be able these sources as there are no longer any survivors of world war one so we cannot ask anyone for verbal accounts. This letter is from Mabel Fahey who was living in Westbourne W10. It tells us that women also made correspondence with the government. The letter is not very clear as the handwriting is quite difficult to decipher.

    By Rae Tarbox (01/07/2015)

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