Destrube to Marion 18th December 1916

Destrube to Marion 18th December 1916
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  • This document is interesting due to the poetic tone and techniques this soldier has used to describe his emotions and feelings about his situation.
    I think this is probably some sort of extract from a diary or letter (written on December 18th,1916).
    1916 was mid-time of the war, so we can assume and agree with generalizations of a soldiers life being full of boredom and hence why this person clearly expresses “this tedious and monotonous existence” and how he cannot wait to go on leave.

    By Anastasija (08/07/2015)
  • This document has an intriguing poetic output, describing the emotions of a a soldier longing for the day he can return home. “The tedious and monotonous existence” highlights WW1 generalizations about boredom and courage and the letter uses comparisons to zoom in on life in the trenches.

    By Adrienna (08/07/2015)

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