Davison to Woods 5th April 1918

Davison to Woods 5th April 1918
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  • in this letter it is talking about someone who has died and she is mourning at home. I think this letter was sent by an upper-class person because back in those days you weren’t able to bury people without a lot of money because the spacing was limited.

    By monya (08/07/2015)
  • This is letter is to B.F Woods from an anonymous user regarding the writer feeling ‘heartbroken about poor Randle Barker’s death’. It is a primary source as it is a letter and briefly explains the traumatic and depressive experience that the soldiers would have gone through during both World Wars and also the interwar period, which is the rough decade between both wars.

    By Soha (01/07/2015)
  • This is about people dying in ww1

    By Rahul (01/07/2015)

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