Brown to Parents 1st April 1917

Brown to Parents 1st April 1917
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  • I found this letter quite interesting but personally these letters are not for me. This letter was written on the 1st April 1917.It is about a child writing to his parents asking for equipment from his parents . This was not interesting at all

    By Ashley Hollmann (01/07/2015)
  • This letter was written on the 1st of April 1917. Sergeant Brown was writing this letter to his parents after being severely wounded and taken prisoner by the Germans. What most would find surprising is that the Germans removed the shrapnel from just below his heart and operated on him successfully, allowing him to live. They took good care of him and at the time of this letter he believed that in 6/7 weeks time he would be fully recovered.

    By Leena Mueller-Koegler (01/07/2015)
  • this letter feels a little bit sad yet there is some happiness when he is being treated well

    By Oscar Fawcett (01/07/2015)

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