Albert William Hodgkins

James Hodgkins

Albert William Hodgkins in the mines
James Hodgkins
1901 Census - Hodgkins family at 10 Fowell Street, Kensington
Albert William Hodgkins in group
James Hodgkins
Albert William Hodgkins
James Hodgkins

My grandfather, Albert William, was born in 1898 and lived at 10 Fowell Street in Kensington. He worked in the mines  during World War one. He can also be seen here later in uniform, at the front holding a kitten.

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  • My family inhabited number 11 and 12 Fowell Street from approximately 1900 until the end of 1971, following which the street was demolished.
    I don’t recognise your name at all.

    By Sylvia Oakley (15/01/2018)

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